WC #111 - Macro - MAJOR update - scroll down pg 1

well, here is my entry to the Weekend Challenge (havent entered in a while!)
I interpreted Macro as an extreme closeup shot.

EDIT Scroll down for a majorly updated image EDIT

comments and suggestions welcomed!

The appearance of the leaves is very realistic and the spider is well modeled, although the textures on the spider could be improved with something course.

That’s an excellent image. You have really got the depth of field right. I also like the off-center composition.

The only critique would be that the leaves look a little too solid and opaque, which is a shame because that is very good texturing work. My suggestion (my appologies if you have done all this) would be to increase the translucency of the leaf material, and then map the vein texture to affect translucency so that the areas between the veins are more translucent.

Also, have you applied AO with the ligting derived from the background texture? If you haven’t, that (plus reducing the intensity of the key light) would help make the foreground look more at home with the background.

Best of luck.


Do you mean ‘coarse’?
I disagree with you anyway. The texturing on the spider is fine… Not all arachnids labelled ‘spiders’ are furry, y’know?

It is true that the leaf looks a weeny bit too opaque, though.

That’s a great pic. Well done.

When you look at the larger image you sort of say - oh OK, CG.
But in the smaller pic in the post, it looks quite convincing.

I like it anyway.


thanks for your comments guys. As far as the leaf goes, I was trying to go for one of those broad, thick jungle-type leaves that aren’t super translucent, but i’m not sure if the texture potrays that too well. (oh and Samir, i have done all that except the ao :wink: )

hmmm i’m still wondering what to do on the spider (his legs in particular)… i’ll render around and see what works :-?

love it… like the colors you used, think they work pretty good with the leaves. Any chance at seeing a wire for this pic?

Nice job :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow :slight_smile: Great render :slight_smile:
But I think that the edges of the leaves are to smooth.

thanks for the comments. I just updated this, put eyes and fangy-bobbers on the spider. As for the leaf, as I said, Its supposed to be one of those thick, smooth jungly leaves, so that’s why the edge is smooth. i’ll see what i can do tho…

p.s. - I just thought i’d let everyone know, the lighting scheme for this pic involves only a few regular lamps (one or two of them negative) and a shadow only spot. No yaf or raytracing features, Ao, anything. (its kinda a fun challenge to do that :smiley: )

Still a great pic only now - better. :smiley:


well, i tweaked the shading on the spider a bit. Hope this makes it look more realistic.

(boy, someone really needs to permenantly ban me from the “finished” projects forum) %| :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry guys to dig this thread back up, but i have updated this image soo much i think it was necessary :wink:

click for full image.



  1. flattened leaf and gave it a rough edge
  2. toned down the voroni texture
  3. added holes in the leaf as if it were eaten away
  4. added subtle “dappled” lighting, like light coming through trees

comments and suggestions welcome! :smiley:

(oh btw, i didn’t cheat on the WC by updating that image; the WC entry is still “intact”) :wink:

Very nice indeed, only I didn’t vote on you :wink:

WOW! This is looking really good.

Really nice. I just have one small crit: the shadow of the spider.

It’s too sharp for such a small object.



Look at the shadow- its very soft.

Do that, and it will be much more photoreal.

Really great work.

hmm… i’m not sure about the shadow; it seems that those pictures were taken in cloudy or partly cloudy lighting, which means the shadows would be very soft. My image is meant to be in direct sunlight, which means the shadows are almost always sharp. As light has no “resolution”, it doesn’t make sense to say that a small object would have any softer a shadow than a larger object in the same lighting.

thanks for the comments tho! :slight_smile:

Yah, your right. I am just used to seeing macro shots with more indirect lighting.

However, I might suggest that if your shot was intended to be under direct sunlight, then you might want to make that a little more evident.

The few macros that I looked at today that were in direct sunlight and had a hard shadow had brighter highlights and looked more like they were in direct sunlight.

I don’t know how to achieve that in blender though.

Don’t get me wrong. I think this is one of the best renders I have seen here. I really like this work. When I see something like this it really inspires me to get better at blender, so thanks.

WOW, I like it a lot! (I voted for you) Great work! :smiley:

Excellent! I think the shadows are excellent but the main body lacks a highlight to match. Now keep in mind I’m not up to your level as I’m just finishing “Gus” in the Blender book(wow looks like a steep climb ahead) and as I said above it’s an excellent picture and inspires me to create. The leaf and spider look very real and I especially like the color and warmth.