WC 112 - Modern Caveman

OK, it finally went out of WIP for the Finished projects forum.

I’m already aware of the deep shadow on the face of my Caveman. I couldn’t manage it better, unfortunately. Check the WIP section to see the scene lit less realisticaly.

The pic:

The link:

:smiley: “good job”

although I think its almost to bright now.and if its that bright then shouldn’t the halo light be alittle dimmer¿
I didn’t know cavemen had slight architectural skillz(doorways),I also didn’t know cavemen could read :smiley: ‘good job and imagination’

very nice dude , love it. maby a pc in the back with a ps2 and a game cube lol j/k

nice image! i like the idea and i especially like the hair all over the caveman. mmaybe the clay pots could use a texture though.


Pretty good, though I don’t think firelight spreads just a normal lightbulb as it appears.