WC #113--Characters up; Scene to come

I haven’t done anything in Blender in a while, but I thought I had a nice idea for the WC this weekend. I’m off to a very late start and may not finish in time, but I will finish it regardless. :frowning:

Anyway, I have two of my three characters ready: Humphry & Leopold. I will probably use them in later projects.

Both are demons from the hell. There is a third character in my scene, the Victim, but he is not clothed yet. :frowning:

Both were created with MakeHuman, but I had to pose them without armaturs because I have not download MH since 1.4 and the downloads are down. I’m very slow/incompetent at creating armatures by myself… so… :frowning:

Anyway, Humphry is the fat one and Leo is the skinny brainy one.