WC 113: when imagination goes haywire *COMPLETE*


Was kind of disappointed with how the smoke and dust dissapates, but like it none the less.

not bad, no shadows?

You look carefully and there is shadowsif you look on the far side of the street where the hydrant is.

UPDATE: Refined, rerendered and replaced the image with a newer version. This will be the last update.

Nice render, try to make the ufo more speedy and bricks and parts of walls flying in front of it, like it looks like it crashes in that street from a landing. Bricks and dust flying in front of it boosted by the force of the impact. Maybe a person running in front of it, and then make the render a sort of Photograph, like if there was someone making photo’s on that moment :smiley:

I thought about debris, but then brushed it off a little later and never got around to it, but I can’t change it now as I already have it in the WC and there’s voting going on.

Okay, followed pretty much everything you said JD-multi, added debris, a blobby person running down the street, film grain, but didn’t make the UFO look faster as it looked too stuck to do it, but until the WC’s voting is over i’m not going to put it up to replace the image, I don’t want to cheat the competition. So for now enjoy the no debris and stuff version.