WC 113: when imagination goes haywire

This is my soon to be entry for this week’s WC. There’s still a lot more to be done and to add but it gives you the idea.
EDIT: image no longer a WIP, all posts and comments do it this this topic

Wow! Looks like something right out of my imagination. I hate cookie-cutter houses and apartment buildings. It is way too boring. That is a rant about real life, not this pic. :nods: Good work.

UPDATE: though the image isn’t updated I did a slight change to the street and sidewalk textures and i’m also adding a crappy car (not big on cars) that will sit behind the crashed UFO (it won’t need to be detailed anyway because there’s going to be a lot of dust around the UFO anyway).

Image replaced with an updated image, lighting is not final and will have more still to it.

You know my car in my WC WIP? That came from here: blenderman.org. It was completely free and done with textures.

well I wouldn’t want to look too unorigional when it comes to mech pieces. I’ll probably practice my car modeling skills with a future piece but right now, i’m mainly doing no-car scenes.