WC- 114 - Characters with Expression



nice :D,

i like the materials, especially the material of the dark mask :slight_smile: .
the modeling is perfect as always :slight_smile: .
but the wood texture looks a bit low-res.


WOW! Great modelling and mood.

The only two things that bothers me really are - the floor texture, it need higher res…and it needs more defined shadows in general, now it almost looks like it’s floating above the floor.

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I know the wood texture is not the best. But with the time I had to do this, this was all I had. I would have preferred soemthing better, but I guess I’ll worry about that another time.

As for the shadows, they are there. Just my Area Light was almost directly over head, so there was really no directional shadow to show. Also, the AO does’t show up that much, as the masks are pretty thin, so there is not much area to actuall make a shadow.

Thanks again for the comments guys.


Nice, looks just like what the actors wear in the plays :slight_smile:

The pic doesn’t show for me. :frowning: