WC 114 christmas

okay this is what I have so far. This is the firs WC i have spent more then an hour on, so hope you like it. Any tips (esppecislly texturing0 and critisism would be apreciated

First of all the sky needs some work and then the lava needs to look as if it has less surface tension, it has a bit much from what I see for what it looks like.

The sky,lava,ground,and the presents,still need alot of work.Your devil dudes eyes don’t look right.Is the lava he’s cristmas tree and those wierd bird things are dark angels flying out of the lava¿Did your devil dude still those presents from poor people :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked on the lava yet but here’s an update.
Btw: Those are bats :-? and I haven’t made up a story,b ut sure he could of stole them :wink:

You really need to work on the sphere where the lava is coming out, but since it’s still WIP you’ll probably fix it.

Here is an update
I tried to fix the eyes and the lava but i dont know how to get less “Surface tension”
Kansas 15: It’s a bowl I tried to fix the material can you tell it’s a bowl now?
keep the comments coming

Surface tension is the amount the lava will stay together or spread out. If it has a high surface tension it will bulge up and run together, if it has a low surface tension it will spread out more, and be a bit flatter. The best idea is to get lots of reference art for lave and look really closely at what it does. Also, you should give the ground geological features, so its not flat. This will also sort of help explain your lava’s behaviour more as the flow of the land will dictate the direction of lava flow.

Hope that helps, and good luck.

Getting better, and yes, surface tension is how much the liquid holds up, if you want to keep the lava that way make it look chunkier and darker, right now the texturing makes it resemble hawiian lava.