WC 114: Water Intoxication


This will be my entry for the weekend challenge “Character with Expressions”

The enviroment map reflections still need work, i guess i have to build a complete bathroom to get some sens into the reflections.

I want to have a tiled background wall (flagstones). I tried to use “blend -> Lin” to make a procedural texture, my problem is that it is not repeated (like gradient x in POV-Ray is). Any hint on repeating a texture in blender is welcome.

I think it is finished now, i used a three marble textures to make the tiles.

Good job on the pic. I like how you made the steamy water like that

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I wanted to make normal water, actually, but it turned out steamy.
worked on the backgound tiles a bit, i hope the render finishes on time :confused:

Good stuff, you really gave him a lot of character :slight_smile: Something that looks a bit odd though is the sink, it is probably just the lighting, but it looks like a very shallow indent in the surface. Perhaps putting one of those drainage holes on the back wall, under the tap, might help define the shape of the sink.

Hmm, you are right the sink is far too swallow, it’s not just the lightning.

There already is a hole, but its hidden by the water.
I will make the hole bigger and make the back wall of the sink fall off more steep and deep after voting is over, don’t have time to render it again before deadline.

Thanks for the crit !

here is the version for wc114:

-made the sink deeper
-removed the hole because it is hidden by water anyway
-tried to improve water by using 7000 particles instead of 500 and
-made some vektor particels