WC 116

I decided to do star wars for this challenge(even though it’s not my favorite movie :-? ) any way the modeling is done uless you guys have any Comments or Critisism

Your supposed to add a twist

Twist? Umm. don’t understand

i think u have to change it so its ur own, as it says on the challenge thing

nice model though

I think that was for the work of art WC, that doesn’t apply for this one as there’s no mention for it. Good start though.

Turn on auto smooth. nice model btw it would be nice if it was bigger

here is an update i got most of the materials and messed around with the motion blur :stuck_out_tongue:
any ideas on how to make the parts not solid colored but make it looked dirty or stained or something
my texturing knowledge is not very good :frowning:
also i’m still working on the lighting problem :-?
any critisism or ctritcs are welcomed

yup, give us bigger picture :slight_smile:

Ahh blender animmnation is deliting random things. I keep trying to lock stuff but it no work. Is thee a way to tell it to ignore all animation and just start the animationg over? If not ill have to copy everything and join them together but that would take a couple days so I probably won’t finish in time :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :<

Hmm, not sure I understand the symptoms, Hoagies. Which parts are you animating? What is getting deleted? Can you post the blend file?

I found an earlier save :stuck_out_tongue: and just orked of that
any cooments or crititsism I think it
's done

A little too shiny for my taste, it needs to look a lot dirtier as if a lot of sand is hitting it.

Here is what i’m thinking is the final image any C&C before i put it in the WC thread?

It would look better with more mechanical detail at the ends of the engines and flaps over the back of them like the real thing in the movie.

Man, I don’t know why you guys don’t direct link your images from Alltaken’s site:


Nice image though. Good sense of speed.

The ground texture is way too large for what it is intended to show. YOu need a better, higher resolution texture. Also, the complete lack of shadows on the ground is throwing this work off completely.

I think a more head on camera angle, with a more panoramic BG, would also work better on the overall effect you want to acheive with this image too.

Nice stuff though.