WC#122 :: Artifect

Made with blender 2.34 test build. Grass is static particles (no duplies). PP in gimp - to get the DOF effect (the plug-in result was hidious) and to improve grass lighting (very mild yet very effective).

cut n paste - sorry.


C&C are most wellcome.

         Thanks in advance - Aner.

wow that looks great. i really like the grass.
i’m doing somthing similar for the WC as well

Artistic. I really like it, as with most your stuff.

Beautiful simplicity. Excellent work.

definitly cool…

i havent figured out how to use static particles like that yet.

very nice work


Everything looks good here, lighting, the artifact and the superb grass. Is the grass particles?

Let me quote Antiggo from the WIP forum: “a habbit of reading posts can be useful.”
Now let me quote @ner’s opening post’s very first line’s very begining: "Made with blender 2.34 test build. Grass is static particles (no duplies). "

Nice pic, very @nery style :slight_smile:

lol, I did read it, but not that well
[conspiracy theory]
its been changed since it was posted
[\conspiracy theory]

No, I read it before your post :smiley:

only crit aner is the lack of pollitical emphasis.

very very disapointed in you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

na its looking fantastic, and who did come up with the particle grass stuff, and why is it more popular now than the fibre script?

also cut/paste Ewwwwww cough cough you are always welcome to use mudpuddle cough cough shameless plug (or of course my buddy bobthevirus’s gallery)

Aner you already have a loggin and password at the gallery (from ages ago i guess)

if you want an album just log in then create a new subalbum in the public gallery, and i will move it later (it will keep its urls and stuff)

but yeah, i totally love the pic.


Thanks for the comments. I decided to change the artiefdt a little bit:

Oh and Alltaken this is for you (I know I misspelled kerry as karry):

Great work!

Very nice grass, can you show the material settings?


Ah, fantastic! I really like all of those renders (well, okay, that political render is not my cup of tea). Great lights, great textures.

My fav is the grass, would you like tho share your grass settings? It’s just looks so real to me.

I made a similar image some time ago. I like the idea.
How did you do the grass. Static particles now can recieve shadows?

Yes, I like the image… this is nice work … I don’t really have any crits … I like the style …


Very nice work, but I like the first one better. :wink:

the third and “political” piece reminds me of the comic strip “B.C.” recently. I like em all… looks great!

they’re all great, but the first one is my favorite.