WC #125 - AnonyFruit


Constructive C&C R welcome

I think the pedestal should have a better texture. It looks out of place with the awesome material on the fruit.

Also, the text on the pedestal looks slanted(unless that’s what you wanted :wink: )


here is a new version:

It think the way the writing on the pedestal isn’t angled with it kinda ruins the look of the whole pic. It may be harder to read, but it will probably look so much better it you had it flow parallel (sp?) with the side of the thingy it’s written on.

Otherwise, very cool and interesting idea. Reminds me of that ad on tv for the new juicy fruit flavours (this may only be in australia) which are different combinations and they have a picture of a fruit that is some weird combination of an apple and a raspberry and all this other stuff. It is weird but it looks really cool (kinda like ur pic :D)

Another version, waddaya think ?

ya it is way better without the writing, but if you could get the writing to line up it would look really good…

I think that sans writing is the way to go on this one. I don’t think that the writing looks too good.

thnx for the input,
way2lazy2ca - I lined up the writing, but then it is too small and unreadable, so I dropped it

jeeves- sans? do you mean my name or the writing on the marble ?