WC #126 WIP The AIBO 3K

Render of finished work for this weekend’s challenge - ‘Living Objects’
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(http://www.geocities.com/ben_o_web/ if the above fails you)

  1. Add intenals to the ‘gut’ area of the little AIBO’s (I’m torn between gears or electronics, any opinions?)
  2. Tweak the head to something better
  3. Workout nice scene to shoot
  4. Properly light/ alter materials for the scene…

C&C welcome


[edit: This is now the finished article (for a Weekend challenge anyway]

I like these so far, super creepy. I think you should go for gears. That keeps it more simple and is kind of more creepy than electronics.

I really like the design. If I saw one of those in a store, I’d probably buy it and put it on my desk. Whatever you add to the model, keep it simple and clean; I don’t think you need to add all that much to the insides.

if its an AIBO it should definately have electronics (maybe some transparent organic looking circuit boards - which would be easy to do with a texture).

Those dogs look freaky.

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