WC#127 Haunted House WP (Update #4 11/26/04)

Here is my go at the topic so far.

C&C GREATLY encouraged and appreciated.

question: where to you find these topics? I’ve been wondering for a long time.

The Weekly Challenge forum, near the bottom.

OK heres an update.

The setting is very origional and the scene is very convincing. The lava/magma like material of the walls are very cool.

But the stone-path have way to much specular. Try to make them less shiny and perhaps give them a nice stucci bump/displacement map to make them look more like stones.

You can see the faces of some gravestones. Try -autosmooth- and/or subsurface to get smoother effects.

Perhaps you could make the green liquid a bit transparant or atleast make it more shiny by increasing the specular.

Very well done so far. Keep it up :smiley:

Thank you roger. I noticed the prob with the stones after I posted and Ive now changed it. Ill get on the headstone prob ASAP and the “green liquid” is my attempt at grass. lol.

Ok I have a problem with my sun. I turns my headstones YELLOW. I like the effect the yellow sun has on everything else but my headstones. Heres a pic.


Update #3 here. Added the walkway lights as you can see. Going to add shadows coming from those lights next.
ENJOY! :smiley:

Don’t use a bump map use noise.

Ok heres another update.
Thank you in advance.

I got one crit, the little lamp thingy’s look kinda strange with the green orb around them. I’m guessing you are using it to illustrate(sp?) light? Maybe if you made them a little more transparent they would look better

The green orbs are actually particles.
I dont know what to do with them right now.