WC 127: Loyal servant EDIT:new pics on pg 2

Hi all,

made this for my third WC (those WC’s are really kewl 8) ).

Photoshop was used to make the face- and hairtextures for UV-mapping (my first!) , and for the simple ‘dirt’-textures on the clothes.
Rendered multiple times (with, without and just the servant), so I could blend them together in Photoshop. The final step was some colour-correction and adding DOF, also done in Photoshop.

Needs alot of tweaking and so one. But I guess it’s okay for the Weekend Challenge.

C&C welcome.

woow really nice scene, but maybe you can play a little bit with the mirror.
in example you can have something different mirrored (maybe he is smiling in the mirror or have pupils looking at us) or more simply you can have the gost non-reflected.

I don’t have critics at all. That is a superb model and very very great textures :smiley:

I can’t imagine it is the first time you have uv-mapped when seeing this result…well done :smiley:

I love this the way it is right now but perhaps when tweeking it will be even better… :smiley:

Just fantastic work. The render is great.

For your first UV mapping job, I have to say, very well done. You could add some more skin tones and stuff to it, but that is a minor point for now.

Good stuff.


how cool is that!? yafray or internal?

Terrific, absolutely fantastic. I love the style you got in this piece. Would be fun to see a small animation made with this one.

how cool is that!? yafray or internal?

Thanks, and …hmmm… Yafray all the way.

And about the UV-mapping:
one seam in the middle of the face and LSCM-unwrapping did the trick. I didn’t change a thing after that (and that’s why you don’t want to see a close-up of the face :wink: ).

BUMP! [dolorous ass-bump on the floor]

this hurts… I won’t comment on the character, it’s fairly good. I’d like to comment on the environment instead: you just managed to capture the spirit (yeah, pun intended! ;)) of a very old mansion! very very cool indeed

edit: oh yes, did I mention the cool reflection, too?


Actually, I thought ghosts weren’t supposed to show up in mirrors…

Might be creepier if you left it out.

But then again, it might just ruin the pic…

Which is good BTW, VERY excellent texturing.

Great character. Really cool. :smiley:

I like it a lot, very creative and good material.


Yep, two tombs up.

Yes it would be really cool to have the ghost be different in the mirror. I know vampires don’t show up in mirrors, but I’m not sure about ghosts. I’d say it’s up for personal interpretation.

Awesome Picture!!! I envy you.

You should really turn off raytracing for the guy so he doesnt show up in the mirror give him a reallly creepy feeling :slight_smile:

Wow, way to get a character into this challenge. Very nice work. I haven’t seen any other entries yet, so I won’t say who I’m going to vote for. Very nice feel to this picture, along with a very quality model. Good luck.

beautiful work

i would think that more interest could be placed on the reflection, like maybe making the reflection an image of the man when he was younger, or maye not at all


Very inspiring. I haven’t seen the other WC127 entries, but I’d be shocked if you did not win. This is one of the best works I’ve seen on Elysiun to date.

The only things I see as detractors are the seam on the butler’s face, and his head’s reflection.

What if you used a slight depth of field effect? What if the ghost was self illuminating or the only light source in the room? Those two effects might add an extra impact. if you go back an tweak it later.

Lastly, I’d love to see you do a making of (I’d like to see more people do this):


Making of Canestra di Frutta
Examples on CGTalk

Great job!

I thought ghosts weren’t supposed to show up in mirrors…

Yeah, you can never rely on those darn ghosts! :slight_smile:
Remember that nasty ghost from ‘What lies beneath’? You could only see her in reflections…

I see a lot of comments and ideas about the reflection in the mirror. Personally I wanted to make it a little more transparent: still showing the face, but much harder to see. The fact that the tray is floating even more in the mirror is what I really like.

What if you used a slight depth of field effect?

Well, I did (made in Photoshop). It’s best seen on the right side of the mirror.

Lastly, I’d love to see you do a making of (I’d like to see more people do this)

I wouldn’t mind sharing, but:

  1. that takes a lot of time
  2. my English isn’t that good :wink:
  3. for creating a good ‘making of’ you need to save a lot of steps or use ‘print screen’ once in a while (which i haven’t done)

But I can show some things…


Different renders (blended together in Photoshop):

Close-up face. First one is a direct render (check the green glow around the hair :frowning: ). Second is after some colourcorrection.

Hope you like it,


I agree if you don’t save in steps you will have a harder time with a making of, with that said, thanks for sharing what you have. You provided good insight. The images help explain some of you techniques.

I can understand your time being at a premium. I’ve been there myself!

By the way, your english seems to be fine so far. What is your native language?

By the way, your english seems to be fine so far. What is your native language?

Thanks, me Dutch are. :smiley:

I can understand your time being at a premium.

I have really no idea what that means. Premium? Something about your time being valuable? Or that nothing is for free?

Oh well, shows my English is still not good enough. :wink: