WC #129 - Greed

Hi. This is my first WC:


I think I am going to add a player piece, maybe the thimble. I also have to figure out what is wrong with the board texture. You can see that white line around the edgge (behind the blue boarder). It is UV mapped on. It is PNG and has an alpha in the bg (the white), but if I turn on Use Alpha in the texture buttons, the texture kinda repeats itself on the edge there. I also edited the board a bit to add to the attempted “humor”.

C&C appreciated. :smiley:


nice concept

i think the DoF is a bit distracting, but other than that, it looks fine

rofl about the double…


The DoF looks a little strange, but the whole idea is really good :slight_smile: And the white line around the edge seems to be part of the board.

I think you need change that blur somehow. the dice are way too blurry imo, it’s just not what I see when I put my eyes down close to the table… so either turn the focus off entirely or find some way to make it less blurry. Other than that, the grey background would be much nicer if it was a wood texture, but you’re good aside from that so far :slight_smile:

The houses don’t look anchored to the board very well, try fixing that.

Just my few comments: You should decrease the blur a bit; things usually don’t appear that out-of-focus to me unless it’s early in the morning. The card stack looks way too even. A wood texture, as of a table, would look nice under the board.

And where can I buy flying hotels?

Other than those things, good job! Nice concept; very creative. Keep it up. Good luck in the WC.

heh, call it “Blendopoly” or “Low-poly” I konw they’re corney, but inside jokes never hurt, did they?
I like it though, but you could decrease the blur…

nice only thing i have to say is SHINEY!!! those houses are shiney make them so! :smiley: nice work

Wow! Thanks for all the great comments! :smiley:

I am going to work on it now, so lets see what I can do…

About the blur. Hmmm. I can easily make it less blurry, but the thing I was trying to do was focus you on the hotels (that is the point of the image after all). I have a table from a previous work (Bowl of Fruit), so I think I will just append that and see how it works out. I will increase the mirror and other material settings on the houses/hotels to make them shinier. I seem to have a problem with those reflections. :-?

I have also tried to use them on cars, but I just must be doing it totally wrong.

Things really look like they are floating? I will try changing the shadows around, maybe that will get rid of the floating-ness.

Thanks again for all the coments!


I like the concept a whole lot.

The blur is of course distracting (I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now). The shadows underneath the houses are way too dark as well.

Other than that, I really like it. Good luck! :smiley: