WC #129: greedy dungeon dwellers - Updated!

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This is my entry for the Week-end Challenge #129 (sorry for the douple-post, as I posted also in the WC forum)

Dedicated to all my fellow RPGamers :wink:

“What if Santa Claus was nothing but another greedy dungeon dweller and couldn’t outrun the goblins with their treasure?”


(click on the pic to enlarge)

AO + 1 area light + 1 RT blue lamp in the background + 1 ‘no shadow’ orange lamp in the foreground

All items and props modelled using the new edges and faces selection (very efficient, BTW).

Fiber script for the fur on the sleeve of Santa Claus. Goblin target from the MakeHuman project (old mesh).

As I won’t have time to update this work, I call it finished, even if there are many points that puzzles me. C&C are obviously welcome!

I hope you will enjoy anyway! :smiley:


I love it. Especially the texturing. Gorgeous.

It seems as though Santa’s arm intersects the lid of the chest though…

Something about the presents lying on the ground irks me as well. I don’t quite know why, but they just seem so plain.

It’s still a great piece. Professional quality!

Thank you for the comments, WhiteBoy.

The intersection seems a bit odd, but it is some sort of wanted: the chest cover is hard, the arm and the sleeve are soft, so the cover slightly penetrates the cloth. I should have modeled a few folds, but I ran out of time on this one %|

Thank you for your nice comment, though it’s not a professional piece at all :wink:

Anyone else?


It looks kind of professional, even though I agree the intersection looks a bit strange.

I agree that the presents look a bit plain though – maybe they should have had some variation. Also, the interesection with the chest was the first thing I noticed about the image (well, after I noticed how good it was).

Oh yeah, great job! Very high-quality work!

Kansas_15: OK I will rework the intersection a bit next week (yes it will be too late for the WC but nevermind, WC is not a motivation in itself: it will be a Christmas Card too).
DVirus101:: What kind of variation do you suggest: shape, size, colors? As I answered to Kansas_15, I’m willing to make a few adjustments to this work next week

Thank you for the kind words, guys! :slight_smile:


OK I lied: here’s an update of this pic :wink:


(click on the pic to enlarge)

I tried to give some color, rotation, size variation to the gifts.

I finally modelled the folds on the clothes of Santa, so that his arm doesn’t appear anymore to interesct the chest cover.

I’m a lazy guy: I should have posted this in the WIP forums first.

Thank you for the comments, and keep them coming :wink:


the gift packets, and the wrapping string (what’s that called…) needs work. they look too clean, and too cubic. wrinkles, dents, bumps and dirt.


basse: I’m honored that you visit my thread. Neat avatar mutation, BTW, :smiley:

Unfortunately, the gifts are like I wanted them: clean. But I must say that the wrapping string (I don’t know it this the right name, but I’ll use just the same as you) was too symmetrical so I gave it a random rotation on each packet. So this is only a very minor update that you could find hereafter:


(click on the pic to enlarge)



héhé cool pics. whahahaha

Nice improvement on the intersection. Keep it up.

The intersection is much cleaner now. :slight_smile:

Maybe for the presents, you should have them wrapped up in wrapping paper. This is one of those few occasions when repeating textures are appropriate. Take advantage of it. :wink: Then just add some bows and ribbons and… whala!

I really like this piece. You have executed it well in nearly every aspect.

You have earned my respect as an artist, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for your future work. :smiley:

CyaNn: thank you very much, Dudette! :wink:

Kansas_15: thank you veru much, K.

WhiteBoy: yeah I know, but this was the exact way I wanted them to look like, with metal-like colors instead of classic colored papers… I’ve seens some these last few days and I wondered how I could render the same type of ribbon (specifically the color), and the metal-like colors for the boxes were the closest to match the style of the ribbons. More of that, I’m honored by your very kind words, Whiteboy :slight_smile: