wc #154 - `emotions`

What do you think of the following?

As usual, only constructive crits please…


I think everything is a bit too reflective. I prefer less specularity.
And I don’t know what your plans are, so it’s hard to give some crits. It is an unusual scene, you know?

The signature doesn’t look very good. Press shadeless for its material

The signature doesn’t look very good. Press shadeless for its material

given the fact that the ‘signiture’ really isn’t part of the piece, you might try adding something thats actually helpful.

I like the idea so far. I can’t wait to see where you go with it.

Ok… second version, different lighting:

Gee thanks.

I think the 2nd one is better, but still the nose looks very awkward

Third version… final one


it’s my first post, and i’m a real noob in 3D drawings, just so you understand the “might-be low level” of my comments.

I like very much the idea.
I think the mirror should if possible be less white, the problem is that it is making less evident the reflection, i don’t know if i’m clear.

I much prefere the first version with only one mask, the addition of a second mask, is making the scene too crowded for me.

I find the rest of the scene fine, because it is sober. only problem i see is the same pattern of color for the walls and the floor, is it volontary? did you try with maybe a woden floor?

And finaly the cadre of the mirror is blank, why not some carvings, or else. you could even integrate your signature in there?

see you, and hope i was helpfull.

Hey gremlin :slight_smile:

Thank you for the post, lots of ideas!

Basically, the whiteness of the mirror is determined by some factors, like the texture, the lighting and the things reflected.

As for the carde, there is some fine carving on it, it all depends on how you look.

2 or 1 masks? interesting … I need to think about it… fact is, no one gets it the first time, and its going to be a weekend challenge (wc) entry

As for the floor , I like it as it is… the wall is a bit strange though…

edit: here is a new version, with the whiteness a bit off:

I have to agree about having only one mask. The second image was better because there were fewer distracting parts due to lighting. The focus should be on the faces. I would add a bit of a spotlight to the mask (and reflection) so that they stand out just a tad more.

I think you should give the masks a little more definition, particularly in the lips (they should have some). There also seems to be something funny going on at the end of the nose, which is distracting.

The smile mask doesn’t reflect well (doesn’t look like it’s smiling, but only distorted).

Nice psychological effect!

Thank you for your comments. I appriciate it.

By saying :

The smile mask doesn’t reflect well (doesn’t look like it’s smiling, but only distorted).

What exactly do you mean? The whole point is that the reflection reflects (ahhm…) a different emotion than the original mask

i really like the concept, roughen up the texture some more, and it’ll look great !

Yes, I understand the concept. I mean the lower-left image looks odd. I was presuming that it was the smile mask inverted, but now that I look at it it could be another?

Roughening the textures a bit…

Duoas: yes, these are 4 different meshes… there is no actual reflection in this image.

The smiling reflected face also give problem to people to understand the feeling of the face, due to its reversed design, this is normal.

For the cadre, i just found the carvings, but i though you might want to have it in wood, or black. so that it will help cetnering the attention to the mask(s). Although in your last version i like it much more already :slight_smile:

The wall, no idea, sorry.

But i love the idea, used similar concept once but using pictures, and making 1/2 smile 1/2 angry face. go on, i want to see the final version :slight_smile: :frowning:

I really like the idea behind this picture, its a great interpretation of the theme.

I think that the mask in the lower right looks odd. I assume that its is a happy face simply from the rest of the picture but it is hard to make out what the mouth is doing. I think that if it were lit as well as the other three masks it would be more clear. I also think that if the ‘mirror’ were a little more transperent the ‘reflection’ would be clearer, as is I think that the whiteness of the ‘reflection’ is a tad distracting from the rest of the image.

very nice

i think if you moddled a lamp to shine from the left (you actualy see the lamp) it would be interesting

Thanks all :slight_smile: much help