WC 154: Monster's ball (sorry, no Halle Berry...)

Hi all,

it was time again for another WC, the theme is reflection.

This work is totally different from my other (more cartoony) works, I guess the theme was to hard for me. :-?


Monster’s ball
“Me like shiny object…”

Rendered with Yafray.
Rendertime was about 40 minutes (size 1280 x 1024).
First time I used Glow.

I know it’s a very simple scene, but I hope it’s also effective enough as a nice composition.

C&C welcome,

Indeed is a good composition. Looks really cool. The glow effect is really suptle and gives a nice touch. I always like glow in fantasy scenes.

The tree is very very cool. Does what it should and adds a very nice touch to the scene.

Only think I find kinda weird is the ground material. It looks good but it needs more depth. A bumpmap or so. The cracks in the floor don’t looks too cool this way.

Other then that a very good scene.

(I also like shiny and reflective objects :D)

NICE :smiley: only thing that “bothers” me is the often repeating skin … maybe add another layer ?

cool… but shouldn’t there be a thumb somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is, the one on the right.
It’s a monster, so it doesn’t need to have more than 3 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand. :wink:

Where is the monster’s body? Even if it’s bending over or something and all you can see is the hand (which is fine), there should be some shadow or something…

I like the texture. It looks kind of like a rock monster.

You’re absolutely right. But for the sake of the composition I kept it like it is (and the fact that I’m really slow with blendering and modeling %|… I need longer weekends)

Thats a sweet picture Sago! I like the way the hand seems to be on its own. Its like a high definition Black & White sorta thing. I agree with the ground texture, but apart from that I have no crits.

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