Wc # 157 Flying Machine

That’s the tour around the machine.

Hope you like it. The final picture will come up at the WC.


nice… my only complaints are the blades seem a bit too far away fro the body… gives it a bit of a tacky appearance… and the arms that attatch them to the body eing so flat like that into the wind would cause so much drag the thing wouldent fly effeciently.

you’ll turn the the wings 90 deg. and then you’ve got yourselves an airplane. Think I’ll render one right away.

Here it is:

Stunning…realistic…I want one of those! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I love it! Blender wise, its much better than I could do. Now cuz im into aviation as my main hobby (uh-oh):

Those wings would do nothing, they are so small… maybe instead of rotating the fans 90 degrees, do it more like 45 or so. that way you get down thrust and forward thrust. Also, it looks like you already have 2 jet intakes, meaning you have a jet engine or two inside, so you really dont need the extra 45 degree rotate on the fans. The fans would be used instead of wings if u didnt rotate them, kinda like a helicopter. Another thing you could do is have the fans be able to rotate aout 25 degrees forward and back, so it can slow down faster? But if you do take my advice, make sure you rotate the arms 90 degrees, so they dont cause so much drag.

Lastly, The fan in the vertical Stabilizer (Tail) is too small. Besides, its un neccessary becuz the fans on the side of the plane would rotate opposite directions, eleminating the need of it.

Please dont take this tooo seriously. Ur modelling skills are WAAAY beyond mine. I just thought I might help make it a little more realistic aero-dynamically.

Again… WOW nice model!!!


Hehe. Very angry bug!


Swaynisha: Sorry to say that they arn’t out yet. All I can give you is the blend file;) If you want it, that is.

Fligh %: I can asure you that it’s not a bug ;), hehe

meesa3: I’ll look into that after the wc, I havn’t got the time right now.
But thank you for the critisism;) I really would like this thing to be able to fly in real life also.

But take a look at the final render at the WC # 157