WC 166: In the Moonlight

(Sago) #1


it was time for yet another Weekend Challenge. So here it is…

In the Moonlight

A little AO…
some radiosity…
a bit of Zblur…

Hope you like!

C&C much appreciated


(Khnum) #2

I’ve never used it myself but perhaps try to use some of the new hair scripts on the big guy, and a litter sprinkling on the littler ones. Overall I like the image, the characters are very interesting looking =) Also, perhaps try to use the distort function on the eyes to give each character a little more personality, though the blank stare on some of them are priceless. Also, perhaps some weeds here and there for more scenery, etc. Keep up the good work.

(Veach) #3

I really love this image. You managed to hit something that’s just pleasing to look at. In my opinion that’s the hardest goal to achieve.


(Modron) #4

cool render,and that moss texture is great. it’s procedural, or an image texture?

(PandaChamp) #5

I like the alien like creature man goood work

(BgDM) #6

Great render Sago.

The little guys could use some more detail IMO, but that is only a minor issue that I see with it.

Excellent use of radiosity for the lighting. Worked great.


(Super Wu-Man) #7

i really like this image!

tons of personality, i think the lack of color also helps. the guys blend with the enviornment, which looks very natural.

you could have a running animation with these characters. they try to run down the hill without getting eaten, but never make it, haha

(Maaatt) #8

Hmm your the one from that Knight and the mouse or whatever it was. I had that image for a very long time as background. Guess what my background now is :wink: Well done!

(Sago) #9

Wow, has it been a year already since my first post, where I had to tell Kansas_15 what I thought of him? Time flies…

Well, thanx all for the C&C!

Khnum - yeah, the results of the new hair scripts look great, and I wanted to try them out. But I’m not ‘Blendersmart’ enough to get it to work on time. Perhaps with the newest Blenderversion I’ll give it a go. :wink:

Modron - the moss and rock texture are actually 2 image textures mixed. You can find them here:
I used ‘stone16’ and ‘stone20’ (set to 60% colour value). This site has great textures, BTW.

You’re so mean. :smiley:

(juanjavier) #10

Good render, nice textures on the moonfloor and light…(is it a moonfloor?)


(Sago) #11

Glad you liked it.

And since you were so busy bumping this one (with like 50 other threads) I can answer you:
They are not on the moon, they are in the moonlight. Hence the title, no matter if they are on earth or uranus…

(munkey_mike) #12

Great character. Great atmosphere. Perfect composition. I think the main guy needs a little more emotion and it’s set. The other characters are so wide eyed and comical, but the main guy is kind of just sitting there. Good work.

(Dwarfose) #13

Nicely done, great stmosphere textures n allthat

(RnRinRL) #14

:o Awesome artwork!

Does the closest guy have a nose or is that just the lighting?

(Clean3D) #15

Great picture! Mind if I use it for a desktop background?

(sagat) #16

wow nice work. it looks like a pixar character

(Sago) #17

Does the closest guy have a nose or is that just the lighting?

No nose on the small guys…

Mind if I use it for a desktop background?

Yes, I do! … just kidding :smiley: , do whatever you like.

Thanks all for the replies,