WC 166: In the Moonlight


it was time for yet another Weekend Challenge. So here it is…

In the Moonlight

A little AO…
some radiosity…
a bit of Zblur…

Hope you like!

C&C much appreciated


I’ve never used it myself but perhaps try to use some of the new hair scripts on the big guy, and a litter sprinkling on the littler ones. Overall I like the image, the characters are very interesting looking =) Also, perhaps try to use the distort function on the eyes to give each character a little more personality, though the blank stare on some of them are priceless. Also, perhaps some weeds here and there for more scenery, etc. Keep up the good work.

I really love this image. You managed to hit something that’s just pleasing to look at. In my opinion that’s the hardest goal to achieve.


cool render,and that moss texture is great. it’s procedural, or an image texture?

I like the alien like creature man goood work

Great render Sago.

The little guys could use some more detail IMO, but that is only a minor issue that I see with it.

Excellent use of radiosity for the lighting. Worked great.


i really like this image!

tons of personality, i think the lack of color also helps. the guys blend with the enviornment, which looks very natural.

you could have a running animation with these characters. they try to run down the hill without getting eaten, but never make it, haha

Hmm your the one from that Knight and the mouse or whatever it was. I had that image for a very long time as background. Guess what my background now is :wink: Well done!

Wow, has it been a year already since my first post, where I had to tell Kansas_15 what I thought of him? Time flies…

Well, thanx all for the C&C!

Khnum - yeah, the results of the new hair scripts look great, and I wanted to try them out. But I’m not ‘Blendersmart’ enough to get it to work on time. Perhaps with the newest Blenderversion I’ll give it a go. :wink:

Modron - the moss and rock texture are actually 2 image textures mixed. You can find them here:
I used ‘stone16’ and ‘stone20’ (set to 60% colour value). This site has great textures, BTW.

You’re so mean. :smiley:

Good render, nice textures on the moonfloor and light…(is it a moonfloor?)


Glad you liked it.

And since you were so busy bumping this one (with like 50 other threads) I can answer you:
They are not on the moon, they are in the moonlight. Hence the title, no matter if they are on earth or uranus…

Great character. Great atmosphere. Perfect composition. I think the main guy needs a little more emotion and it’s set. The other characters are so wide eyed and comical, but the main guy is kind of just sitting there. Good work.

Nicely done, great stmosphere textures n allthat

:o Awesome artwork!

Does the closest guy have a nose or is that just the lighting?

Great picture! Mind if I use it for a desktop background?

wow nice work. it looks like a pixar character

Does the closest guy have a nose or is that just the lighting?

No nose on the small guys…

Mind if I use it for a desktop background?

Yes, I do! … just kidding :smiley: , do whatever you like.

Thanks all for the replies,