WC 168 WIP

Ok, This is my first Weekend challenge, the topic is Unnecessarily Complicated and here is what I am working on. It seems to be missing something so C&C is much welcome. Also, Blender Internal or YafRay? I couldn’t control the reflection very well in YafRay so that is pretty much what it will look like. Any hints on controlling the reflection better would be nice!

Square peg in round hole:


Ha! It’s a square peg in a round hole. I like it. Funky idea. And I love how you’ve made the peg look broken.

I prefer the blender picture over the yafray picture. I don’t know how to use yafray myself, so I can’t help you make that picture look better, but the blender picture looks better at the moment.

Thanks! That is what I was thinking too. Because I had more control over the material settings I was able to get more the look that I wanted.