WC 171: Tattoo on Wall

Hey ho,

another small weekend challenge work, topic ‘Unusual Visualization’.

Tattoo on Wall

1 arealight with ray shadow
1 small lamp
1 nice angmap
AO (internal render!)
Smoke with particles
1 googled tattoo image
1 googled ‘burning-houses’ images

Hope you like it,

ha my friends got that dragon tatoo on his back :smiley:

Its very very wierd! so well done I guess. :wink:

That’s pretty cool.

But the curtain doesn’t have a velvety feel to it. Maybe you should increase the Nor on it. And the reflecty spheres are great to balance out the composition, but there a little cliche in an otherwise very original picture.

Thanks for the replies Siegel and knellotron… :wink:

… perhaps I should post a photo of a glass with cola, or write only in dots, then I probably would get more replies. :-?

Siegel - I’m afraid your friend won’t be the only one with this tattoo, a real tattoo-cliche (or is it cliche-tattoo?)… :smiley:

knellotron - the curtain has no Nor at all. I always try to use 1 texture as much as I can (for the fun of it :wink: ). The wall, pictureframe, spheres AND the curtain have one and the same texture. You can actually see it on the frame and the wall (I forgot to rotate the texture for one of those two). It’s true I should’ve used a different texture for the curtain.

Your also right about the spheres… my balls are cliche. %|


Hei Sago, don’t be upset because you don’t so get many replies.
Your work is very good so it is hard to crit. Personaly I like your
work but I don’t like to post just to say “Great work” or something
like this.

I’m sorry, you’re probably right. I’ll go stand in the corner now… :expressionless:

I wouldn’t mind. %|

Sago, Aha! Great secrets have been revealed here! Now there is no need for multiple textures in any one image, LOL.

One crit (other than the cliche reflecting sphere’s) is that I didn’t even notice the smoke coming out of the picture until I saw your mention that you used “Smoke with Particles” in your image description.

To me it would have been more effective if you had matched the “orangy-white” colourization of the burning house picture’s smoke. Then I would have connected the dark smudge with smoke coming out of the photo into the room.

That’s very cool.

One thing I noticed (a VERY small thing) is that the shadow from the curtain where it crosses the upper right corner of the picture seems rather hard. Its like you have a soft shadow, then REALLY hard shadow.

That’s cool that you reuse the same texture, too! :slight_smile: I didn’t even notice that.

I wouldn’t mind. %|[/quote]

Well, you’ll have to work more than a weekend on an image to get a “Great work” from me :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind. %|[/quote]

Well, you’ll have to work more than a weekend on an image to get a “Great work” from me :)[/quote]
You know what, you’re absolutely right!
I will retire from the weekend challenges, and try to put more time and effort into my Blenderwork. All I’ve done so far are WC’s and some little tests. I did quite nice with the WC’s (7 out of 11), but perhaps it’s time to raise the bar. Time to get serious now.


You’re WC images have been really cool. Doing that well in a weekend means you’ve certainly got the talent for a really great image, that takes longer than a weekend to blend. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your next image now that you’ve raised the bar. :wink:

I’ve tried it with orange-colored smoke, but it never looked realistic. But I forgot to try one with a gradient color (going from orange to black (that’s what you meant, right?)), maybe that would be the best option. And perhaps making it less subtle would also do. :wink:

Ha, that would be the reflection of the curtain on the picture. This one should’ve been more subtle. :slight_smile:

Dustin - thanks man. :wink: I’ll do my best and try not to disappoint you.


Very nice texturing, just tell me what are the floating spheres for? o_O

Good job.