WC 185: The Curse of the Unreachable Booger

WC 185, topic ‘Into the unknown’.

Here’s a nice quote, to help understand how the work is topic-related:
“After all, no one really knows what goes on inside of a man’s head, or why they think the crazy things that they do.” -Rachel Holloway-

The Curse of the Unreachable Booger

Rendered with Yafray (except background - internal render)

I had different ideas for a title, like ‘The Boogerman’ and “Now, where’s that darn booger?”, but I just went for the Cursed one… hope it’s something you can still identify with :wink:

And thank you Weirdhat, for the eyetexture that I’m still using, and will keep on using forever… and forever… and forever… and forever…

Comments are very welcome,

Cool … i realy like that pic - great job Sago! :slight_smile:
The earring ist so damm nice - and modeling is top.

ciao Simon

man i have been their before,

crits, you could have gone so much deeper with that finger,
i dont know if they had garbage pail kids trading cards in netherlands,
but they had one dude doing the same dirty work and the entire figer was up,
compared to that image that is burned into my mind, this guy isnt even trying,
also hair would look cool, but i think you are going for a punker look

cool stuff as always, good luck to you

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Subsurfer - thanks. Glad you like the earring. That was really tough modeling… %|

Wuman - You’re absolutly right. The finger had to go in waaay deeper. I took too much time into the facial expression (which came out quite nicely I think).

I actually made him a little beard (goaty?), along with eyebrows and some unshaved places (in the face… you sicko). But it didn’t came out nice in yafray. Yafray doesn’t always work very well with alpha and transparency. Or I’m not trying hard enough.

hugely impressive!!:slight_smile:

especially the eyes, the earring and the fingers.

when will the movie of that cute naughty fellow be released?

When I’ve learned that insane rigging and armaturestuff… and when Yafray can render 100 times faster. :wink:

Anyway, thanks.

Smack on some textures


Add some of the new hair features…

fix the nose, make the lips more detailed, better teeth
and the image will be awesome!

It has (skin, earring, nails)… very subtle and somewhat blurred by the Yafray-DOF.

You sillybuns…

LMAO! Good one.


You sillybuns…[/quote]

hehe :wink:

When it comes down to Yafray, you’re partially right, but I have found a
way around it. Since Yafray doesn´t support Blender Strands (for textures)
yet…using your hair material with Yafray would look weird indeed.


If you map to normals instead…voila…the “blend-to-alpha” in textures
will work just like strands-texturing in Blender, in other words…it will
follow the strands direction and “blend” correctly.

That said…

Rendering Hair in Yafray…would be a severe waste of time (and your patience).

So render hair on a separate layer (separate file if you’re not using Noodles yet)…and just post-process it onto the top! Will look a LOT better plus save
you heaps of render time (Yafray doesn´t like 100.000 strands…with GI)…
go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

BgDM - Thanks. And yes, I know, I know, Yafray again. I promise, next one will be internal render. :wink:

JoOngle - for my Lovebeambabe I used particle-hair. Rendered with Yafray, which kinda worked, because weird settings and it fitted that style. But for this piece… not.

I will take a look at the stuff you said (btw. about noodles; I’m not really into Eastern food), even though I haven’t got a clue what the f*ck you said (haha… okay, maybe a little. Don’t worry 'bout it, I’ll figure it out)…