WC 186: Lunch-luring Light

Hey ho,

weekend challenge 186, topic is ‘Entrapped’.

Lunch-luring Light

  • Internal render - I’m starting to get the hang of this one
  • AO
  • Minnaert for diffuse shader - for skin and tonque; brightens the outer parts of the objects… very cool
  • Radial blendtexture for tranlucency in his ‘lamp’
  • Couple of arealights, normal lamps (inside his ‘lamp’) and some halo’s
  • ‘Only Shadow’ floor
  • Some small Post-Pro
  • 3 butterflies that will be dead soon

There’s one thing I don’t get: I had the floor set to ‘Only Shadow’, but all you see is the shadow casted by the AO. The rayshadows from the arealights are not on the floor anymore (with AO enabled). Are they just being nullified by the AO light?

Anyway, hope you like.
Comments always welcome,


Very nice render. Come to think of it that kind of a food lamp could be useful while Blending…

Did you try glow effect in sequence editor on the pic? That might give a nice addition on that lamp.

Nice. I really like the blue glow off the skin.

looking real nice sago. the quality of your latest renders is awesome :wink:

As for the light, yes I’d bet on the AO intensity to reduce the shadow “darkness”…hence making them mostly disapear

dude, get out of the house!!!

haha, you seem to be on a blender roll! which is great to see. the butterflies are awsome, the slug with leggs is scary as hell, haha. great work.

only crit would be to tilt him a little, right now he looks a little flat, and it is hard to tell what the profile of the face looks like, meaning hard to tell what is a mouth what is a nose. with a little tilt being able to look inside the mouth would really bring more depth to this work.

love your stuff, by the way i found your bike…and i’m not giving it back.

I think I may be alone on this, but I find that slug… thing to be incredibly cute. I want one… for a pet. xD

i apreciate the skin texture, specificly the bump map a lot.
the rendering looks very good. also the halo around the organic
lamp is working great!


Hippie - yeah, glow would boost the lamplight nicely, it’s indeed a bit weak now. But it would also kill the skintexture you can see through the light, which I really like. This was my first tranlucency-object, so next time it’ll look better. :wink:

The_Warder - Thanks, the blue glow of the skin was a result of blue lights, blue worldcolors and the Minnaert diffuse shader (for the skin)

Ecks - I’m very happy about the progress I’m making with Blender lately, glad it shows. :smiley: I’m also glad I’m not Yafray-dependent anymore.
The arealights weren’t really strong, but with ‘Only Shadow’ disabled there was way more shadow on the plane then there is now. Maybe it just calculates the shadows a bit different with ‘Only Shadow’.

Wu - Thanks for dropping by. :stuck_out_tongue: Yep, I’m on a Blender (rock’n’)roll these days. Don’t know why. I knew you’d love the butterflies.
Tilting the creature would indeed create more depth, and would give more visual info about his form. But I believe this sideview worked very nice for the composition. and I didn’t really model the inside of his mouth, so…

Scatta - Yes, cute indeed. :slight_smile: Not as cute as Pikachu, but he would kick Bulbasaur’s ass…

cekuhnen - thanks, thanks & thanks



Is it just me or did you totally steal the eye and skin textures from your alien WIP?! :wink:

Nice work, man.

Uhm, yeah… %| … with some minor improvements (Minnaert shader for example).

Oh well, I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. And if it works, it works. :wink:

heh- thats pretty cool :slight_smile:
nicely done

I love it! Except the biologist in me is complaining about the fact butterflies aren’t attracted to lights. It’s moths that commit suicide on light bulbs…

maybe its a special butterfly-light :smiley:

Ah crap. I even googled for it. Guess I googled giga-wrong.

I guess that’s possible - butterflies are attracted to extremely bright lights such as sunlight, but repelled by relatively weak lights such as artificial light. So I guess if that lure is super-bright, they might go for it?? Or maybe if it was smeared in sweet sticky stuff or salty stuff - they might go for that as well.


I just did a quick google - this particular butterfly does have mouth parts (some of them don’t), so it would certainly like sweet stuff - seen here sucking nectar from a flower.


Bulbasaur is like 20x cuter than Pikachu, dude.