WC #191 Invention

This is a bit of an invention I thought up after hearing the subject I automatically thought of Rube Goldberg, unfortunatley I started it on Sunday so I didn’t have enough time to make it very intricate.


I think it would be great if you did a side by side of it disguised as a coffee maker and it at work…it would be great…the lighting could be a little be more beleivable. Good job though, and crazy idea.

Those pinions don’t look like they fit together.

Its an automatic donut stealer right? Why does it say at the top never worry about someone taking your breakfast donut again ?

kind of a contradiction there …so does it actually prevent people from taking your doughnut or is it for stealing doughnuts???

You go to work only to find that all the donuts have been eaten therefore the automatic donut stealer steals a couple donuts just for when you get there. The cogs/pinions do fit together, it has a path, they don’t all fit together.