WC 200, Look what the cat dragged in, Please Critique

I know I haven’t been posting a step by step modelling process for this challenge (I like to, but it always disrupts the work flow), but I would like some critique on this nearly finished project. Everything that immediately comes to mind, just yell it out, because i’ve still got four or so days to edit this baby.

Right now there are two versions, one with a little kid staring in shock, and another without it. I like the one with out it because it cleaner and easier to recognize at the required size of 640 480. Also, I sort of modeled the kid at 2 am in the morning. I’ll post an image of the child with the whale by the end of today, I have to rerender it.


i unno i think that u should make a cat in the scene too…like just sitting on the door step pleased by the “fish” it caught…i think its a pretty good idea too…funny…i like it

Nice work :smiley:

Not really many crits EXCEPT that the background is too dull, the top left of the whale could use a little smoothing, and that the specularity feels just a bit overdone on him.

Love the grass and the tongue texture.:smiley:


a few crits:

  1. look at this ref for a dead whale:
    notice the color? also, it doesn’t look wet like you’ve tried to make yours look (I’d actually suggest adding 2-3 more lights)

  2. I agree about the background… maby some cartoony clouds? (if you’re going with cartoony)

  3. definitely put a kid and the cat (looking proud of himself) in there

therwise… good!

I like it, it’s funny, but you should choose a more attractive camera angle. This one looks kind of dull.

I would add some texturing to the whale.


looks heaps cool man!

Jessthemid im fairly sure thats not a real whale, in fact you got it from http://www.bjwinslow.com whitch is a prop making website so i dont think it would make a good refrence

Thanks for the critique everyone;

jessethemind and mypetclone, I am going to make the background much more interesting, possibly some clouds, possibly some rediculous image photoshopped behind it.

I will try to add some white to the whale, around the mouth I think, and I’ll drop the spec a little bit.

Sadly, I sort of lost my motivation to model a cat that’s wearing a UPS uniform, but who knows, he may appear by the end of the day.