WC#208 - "Gone Nuts!"


Yep, I decided that I wanted to have a go at the Weekend Challenge this time! :smiley:
Hope this isn’t the first time for me. Would like to participate in future challenges
as well, when/if I have the time…

Pure Blender. Post-pro with nodes (motion blur, DOF, diffuse glow etc.), only a bit of
touch up work in Photoshop to eliminate the unavoidable artifacts from the motion
blur and DOF node setup. Also did some last minute color-correction in Photoshop, but
overall 99% Blender.

I experimented a bit with the SSS method that popped up a while ago (this one).
Applied SSS to the skin and the eyes, and it worked out pretty well IMO. Also, 100%
procedural textures all the way.

Hope you like!

I like! A whole bunch! This is really cool Mathias, I really love your style.
Only thing I find off is the hairline wich looks like the hair starts all of a sudden. But it’s nothing serious. Lovely colors!

Hope you’l win mate!

Just a little comparison (both are raw renders, no post processing/node stuff)
showing the effect of the fake SSS mentioned in the topic. Don’t know if it looks
more or less accurate, but no doubt it’s makes a nice effect…



Since I won the previous challenge and chose the theme nuts I was curious what people where going to come up with and this is just excellent.

Cheers !

Updated the previous thread with a better image.

Edeehem: Thank you for the theme. Nice idea! :smiley:


Really awesome, how long did it take you to do that, and how long have you been animating. Last question, what college do you go to.

JesArt: Well, I did this image during 6-7 hours altogether, maybe a little more,
don’t really know since I spread it out over the weekend.
I’ve been doing 3D animation for almost 2-3 years atm I think…
I don’t go to college (we don’t really have them in Denmark, and I’m also just
15…well, when do you even go to college? Quite frankly, I don’t really know).

Hope that answered your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll answer if I can. :slight_smile:

I like the SSS effect, he really does look nutty.

And this… is exactly why I didn’t participate this week:P Great work

BleedForMe: Please don’t let things like that get to you!:slight_smile: Won’t be any fun
if people just underestimate themselves and stay away from joining. Many
participants in a challenge is one of the things that makes it fun IMO. Even
if one is not in the winner’s place all the time.


I know… but I’m just too damn perfectionistic… neverpleased with what I do… If what I make isn’t as good as yours, Sago’s, RobertT’s or @ndy’s work… I’m not pleased with what I did… so untill now… I’m kinda okay with what I do… but I always see things that can be loads better… … I’ll participate next week, see what I can come up with.

Anyway, I admire your skills and the feeling your work just shows… apart from the fact that this is good… I’ve seen you do better :wink:

Love the style!
Wait, you’re… 15? Your clarity and maturity of thought and writing are extremely impressive, Mathias.
Most people start college at 17 or 18 here.

Your 15, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, you make me look like a loser I cant even use Blender yet and I am about to be 18

You people need to stop giving him crap about his age. He makes almost everyone look like a begginer!

I was just implying that for such a young age he is very talented in computer animation, stop being such a ahole, I think it is a complement.

I tried the weekend challenges back in the Kansas_15 days, most I got was two votes:)

About very talented for a young age, I would agree with that but even a 5 year old can make a good image in Blender if he practiced like heck as with one of any age.