WC 218: I like Disney!


me entry for weekend challenge #218, topic is ‘It came from outer space’.

I like Disney!


Sorry for the same ol’ alien skin texture… but I guess it fits the fricking topic… no?.. yeah… haha… what?

Hope you like it,

oh boy!:eek: thats cool as hell!

hope to see an animation of this dude at some point!

…is it me or is that symbol getting bigger…HAHA!!..beware of the growing symbol its out of control…ahhHHHH!!!:eek: :eek:

awesome Sago(wannabe comedian:p )!!!nice work as usual…

snk That’s great. I think I met that guy once.

Hmmm, I’m not sure if this thing is looking at me or not , LOL!
That’s a funny image sago, good job


My suggestion would be to maybe try a different background to fit the theme better.

nice! Haha, his expression is priceless! Fits the title perfectly!

I wouldnt put ur logo behind him tho.

cough lighting set up? cough

I hate you. I hate you so much. Because you’re so good. Damn you. Damn you to hell.

Damn you SAGO!!! okay, shader? and inspiration. I love you, I hate you, I love to hate you, I hate to love you.

:)Seems to me that this alien has watched too much TV as a kid…:slight_smile:
Great expression on his face Sago. The eyes work great too: each one of them makes a different expression, yet they don’t exclude each other when seen together.

Well, that sure beats the hell out of mine. There’s always next week though :cool: .

Oh Sago I love you, I adore you, You’re my hero, you may cary my dead body (later when I’m old), do you want to be my girlfriend? I can’t live a day without a render from you! It’s so perfect, beautifull, wonderfull, hilarious, extremely funny! ohooh does he really look at me?! (hohoho hahahahahah)

k enough. I don’t like the background, and your logo. Didn’t you say you would stop using that texture again? And I see a big ‘man in man’ thing in his mouth…

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( :stuck_out_tongue: Sago, I was waiting for your entry all the time. although it’s not bad, you can do better :wink: )

well sago ur growin my friend…allways better and better…keep it like that

ditto to hellbok, you keep getting better and better sago.

I love both your 2d and 3d stuff.

Man, I feel a lot of love here… and hate… but more love, I believe… icecream anyone?

Super W-M
yeah, the symbol is getter bigger indeed… just a few more works and there will only be a symbol… the Sago-symbol… strong and potent…

well, you’re pretty weird too.

you might wanna see a doctor for that cough… doesn’t sound healty, dude.

BackiZ the Roosterman
good to hear from you, man. You big stud. And thanks for being a great challenger.

[email protected]
hey man, thanks. Glad you like both my 2D and 3D stuff… though there was one moment you thought the opposite… one of my locked threads… haha… yeah, that was pretty funny…

Love y’all,

You never answered my question.

Damn you too Framedworld!!! yes, I use a shader. Take all the inspiration you like. I love you too, I hate you too, I love to hate you too, I hate to love you too.

Sago u are touchy…and weird…cool combination.

Okay, I would take offense at the fact that you STILL didn’t answer my question, but it was funny so I will let you off the hook. But c’mon, stop screwing around…or at least wear a condom! AND ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!

my remark also applies for Framedworld