WC#240 -- Yin & Yang -- "Kamon"

This was my entry for the weekend challenge. I spent two days trying to come up with some concrete idea that would capture the essence of yin and yang… and by the time monday rolled around, I still had bubkis, so I decided to go abstract instead.


The piece is titled Kamon, which is the name for a type of Japanese family crest. Some of those crests are extensions of the yin/yang design, with a greater number of shapes chasing eachother than in the classic yin/yang. The designs inside the round “pips” are recreations of one such design, and the branching spheres ape another common chrysanthemum crest.

As for the “concept”, I had some vague philosophical concepts in mind, but it’s anybody’s guess how well they came through. I wanted to illustrate the interplay between real and imagined, and also between form and its construction, and how these concepts branch out and through the edges of our reality. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that didn’t really come through, but I think it’s a pretty picture at least. :wink:

I feel a bit more comfortable working with vectors in Illustrator, so I created the initial paths there and then imported them into Blender. This proved to be a significant pain the butt, and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. After-effects were done with Blender’s node system.

Anyway, that’s enough blah blah blah. Hope y’all enjoy the pic. :slight_smile:

Already voted for you on the poll.

that’s perfect. 5 stars and poll vote.

'nuff said- five stars

Nice! I like yours and it won my vote over.


Thanks for stopping by and looking, and I’m glad y’all enjoy it! Considering some of the absolutely amazing work I’ve seen around here, I probably wouldn’t rate this a 5 star piece, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Thank you all for your kind words, your stars, and your votes. :slight_smile:

I do like it as well. Especially because of the colors you’ve used and the little blur you’ve added - these add a lot of atmosphere to the piece. The modelling seems simple but well done and the little branching spheres do add a lot to the concept, giving it a look of…harmony.

You’re right, though, the message is a little hard to receive but as you say - it is a nice picture :wink: