WC #243 - Prototype: Wheelbarrow

It’s an old concept, but so classic I just had to do it. :slight_smile:

The Cavemen were not able to determine the crucial flaw in the complicated construction…


Pure entry.

Awsome lightning and materials. 5 stars, no doubt.

Internal renderer???


shirokoff: Yes. It’s the internal renderer.


i love it! 5* :slight_smile:

The textures look amazing–> how did you make the stone, is it procedural texturing or from a photo? The string that holds the wood together, how did you meke them, they look so simple but I find it impossible to make with curves. Blurred reflections (thanx broken)…

All in all amazing piece 5*

Another great piece Matthias.


would be cool to see a tutorial of that piece, indeed :slight_smile: and i think he used mesh modeling not curves, could be wrong though…

about the materials, i think this could all be procedural & nodes but it doesn’t have to be… yet again, he did say that its a pure entry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

mandoragon: The textures are purely procedural all the way around (I love procedurals - no tiling issues! Yay!)
The strings are curves, and no it’s not impossible. I fail to see how you come to that conclusion. :slight_smile:
The blurred/glossy reflections were actually not done with the new patch. I will use it for later pieces, but didn’t get to on this one. It’s a simple noise (small cloud, 0.000 size) bump map.


ah, curves after all… :o

I find curves fiddly at best, and it seems impossible for me to get a curve around the obstacle and not having either a kink in it or having it pass through the object or be far away from the object so that it looks like it fals to pieces.

What handles for the curve did you use?

Awesome shader work.



mandoragon: I used default bezier handles. And yes, curves make many weird turns and twists. However, I was able to hide many of those areas in places not likely to be seen. I set the curves up fast so some curve kinks are more obvious than others, but seen from far away none of them are really visible anyway. When a particular handle does a odd twist, you can rotate it, to move some of the stress to another (maybe more hidden) part of the curve. I did this a couple of times where it might have been really obvious.

Ultimately, I just put up with the flaws there are with curves, and it turned out to not matter that much at all.

ahh, a wheelbarrel for going up stairs, yet another invention way before it’s time.
nice work yet again.

Verry nice.

A little setup question, does the floor go up till the top of your picture or did you make it bend up in the back? Cuzz it’s smooth and well done and I would like to know how to do it…

a bunch of stars


Hehe! I guess you’re right. It was way ahead of it’s time. :smiley:

snelleeddy: The floor bends up in the back, just like in a studio. Not in a 90 degree angle though. It’s more of a 70 degree angle.

Thanks for all the stars everyone!

nice, is that a cloud material you’ve used on the floor to get the blur effect, thats what I’ve used in the past.

yes its a cloud material as he all ready sayed in a earlier post :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very real. Superb work.
Great lightning.

Really awesome render. 5* + 2 thumbs up.