WC 67 WIP (personal breakthrough)

(image link follows rambling post…)

Last night I started something that I didn’t think I was going to be able to do for the Weekend Challenge, the theme for which this week is “wild west.” I wanted to do something fun but something that would push my blending abilities further, which is really what I consider one of the best reasons there is a wc here at elysiun.com: we challenge ourselves, and if you do something you haven’t done before YOU WIN :stuck_out_tongue:

By Sunday afternoon I had gotten in pretty deep into meshes, and while the end result may not be perfect (it is far from perfect) or what some people might consider a great Blender render, this weekend something happened as I was pushing vertices around in 3Dspace. I’ve used all the built-in Blender tools before numerous times (extrusion, dupliverts, layers, etc.), but never quite like this. In other words, things started coming together in pleasantly surprising ways, not by accident but by realization of how certain simple editing/resizing techniques could be used in new ways .

When I saw the movie that portions of the scene you’ll see was based on and to some degree parodies, I thought to myself, “I would really like to do something like that some day.” I’ve experimented with building spaceships, planets, robots, characters, entire scenes even, and more, but, with the exception of my entry in the F1 contest, I never got to a personally desired level of high render quality – and that had nothing to do with Blender (or my temporary reluctance to try external renders): it’s that I wasn’t necessarily getting the most out of the built-in tools, materials, lighting, etc. Blender is one of those rare great programs that can only get better as your skills improve and you think more creatively about turning points and primative shapes (cubes, spheres, tubes) into more complex shapes.

I guess what I want to say is that if you stick with Blender long enough and master basic modelling concepts and can get yourself to think creatively about shapes (and later, scenes) you can really create almost anything with this program. If you haven’t gotten all that you wanted out of Blender, STAY WITH IT AND WORK AT IT. I’m glad I did :smiley:

Anyway, here’s a greyscale preview of my entry for the Weekend Challenge. Why grey? I’m still tweaking the colors :wink: ALSO: there are three other scene layers I’m refining, including the background and another character (both not pictured here) that will provide a humorous explanation to the funny look on the character’s face.


I’m almost done with the rest of the scene, and I’m excited by the test renders. I’ll soon be posting my finished scene in the Weekend Challenge thread.

My goal in this project is to use only built in materials and textures, and unlike my last few entries I’m not focusing on adding a wealth of details (that will change because I like experimenting with details and textures on models). My focus here is on form and, something new for a personal Blender project, humor. As with previous WCs I’ve enjoyed working on this project and hope the final render makes someone smile and inspires more Blending.

Well, take care,


Hehe that looks great man. Can’t wait to see it!

I think every Blenderhead has that kind of zen-like moment at some stage in their lives… Like a little enlightenment or something :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the finished product very much.

Thanks Modron and broken! Yes, it was definitely kind of “zen like” :smiley:

Here’s an update: I posted the complete scene in the Weekend Challenge thread.

Hope you like it!


Hey, look, it’s Woody!

Toy Story but it looks good.

personally I think it’s your best pic to date. I love it!

I can’t remember the characters names…oh well I think the guy is woody, anyway, he,s very cool!

You could have maybe worked a bit more on the face of the girl but she still look cool, with a bit too much of spec but that could be explain because she is a doll after all :stuck_out_tongue:

In all, it’s a very good pic! You got my vote for the moment!


I tried a bunch of different spec/reflection values and settled on this one because I wanted to preserve her toy-like appearance, even though her character in the movie probably has a lower spec value. I had no good reference pictures of her, only thumbnail sized images on the web. I think her name was “Bo Peep” :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing is…if you pick up a barbie doll its really shiny like that so I think you captured it VERY well. The movie looks so much like that. And I love the thing around his neck! Thats so funny man :slight_smile: I’m glad people are taking the tradition of trying to come up with a clever way of interpreting the WC. This go around, my entry is more traditional, but thats just because of the great idea I wanted to put together.

But this entry…this is really unique and its definitely worth some votes. Right on man.

Ah yes, a moment of blender bliss. It’s happened to me everytime I try and tackle an impossibly large project. True, most of the time I do not finish the project, but I feel my skills growing stronger and stronger every time I model something. I remember being very happy with a monkey that I had created a year ago. Last month I made another monkey and was completely blown away as to how much my skills had improved. Woody was just another stepping stone, trust me.

Oh yeah great render by the way.

im very happy for you :smiley: