WC #80 Palm Device

Here’s the latest Palm +, starting from $599! fold-out lighter, laser, camera, flashlight, and cell-phone!

1 It’s a bit dark
2 decrease the ‘soft’ and increase the ‘samples’ setting :slight_smile:

That’s quite the angular flame you got going on there… It’s a little jagged in the corner

Your flame shouldn’t be creating a shadow… its emitting light.

Besides the other crits given, what about the buttons on the bottom are they finished?

Also be careful with the whole “Kill President” item (The CIA is everywhere :o )

But I like the texture of the Palm + :slight_smile:

A little too bumpy, the up/down button looks a little weird, there should probably be little icons on the buttons, and a Palm logo, and there’s no Graffiti thingy. Otherwise it’s nice. Why doesn’t it have a color screen though? You’d think it would, if it has all those other features.

up/down button doesn’t look like a button cuz its not indented around edges, the flame is COOL!!!, it needs a mind control thingy, and its a little to rough, but otherwise its perfect lol. BTW, howd u make the laser?

Thanks! For the laser, I used particles. :smiley:

No comments?

heh…ok…Well, it was uh…appollux? Who gave me that idea. :smiley: