WC #81: The Y-Chair

Hello all

This is my first entry to a Weekend-Challange ever. Coincidentally this is the first model I ever modeled with the new open source blender. Didn’t to anything in the last year. So, while working on this for 4 hours I had to struggle a lot to remember all the little tips and tricks I learned years ago! :slight_smile:

I know, the picture is rather dark. 4 hours were not enough to really play with the lightning and besides my lightning abilities are not that great. They somehow leak some crisp. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t have time to improve this model, so I call this finished and would love to hear, what you have to say.


Please, don’t be to harsh. I want to again get into this and post more frequently. Waiting desperately for my blender manual. Thanks a lot to the blender open source team. Blender really rocks!

did you turn on OSA?

Yes. But maybe not enough. Only OSA 8 as I hadn’t a lot of time yesterday night and my Puter is not the fastest anymore. Maybe I will repost with OSA 16 later.

I like it! (although it somehow looks like it’s made for people whose height is around 160cm, which I as “a tall person” resent :stuck_out_tongue: )

Only OSA 8

Sorry but OSA in blender have just a boolen option (on or off).
That digits is just motion blur factor.

Sorry, but you can get OSA 5, 8, 11, 16. The number controls how many samples are done per pixel. So OSA 16 ist better, but slower.

You spelled exessiv wrong :stuck_out_tongue: it’s excessive (never miss an oppertunity to correct those better than you at anything). Cool! Too bad anout those system requirements, though; I would have wanted to play my brother at quake.