Didn’t had time to add running water or enviroment:
You can C&C me but I’m not going to change anything - had enough of this fountain.

I like it. It is very beautyful.

@ner that was beautifully modelled and rendered. Very peaceful :slight_smile:


Very soft, very elegant, very beautiful :smiley:

In short, I like :wink:

Is there water in the lower basin? Because I can’t see the surface of it. :expressionless:

hey hey! still no water! and no background !
No time hein, they all say that.

No seriousely the final render is nice even without the env. curiousely i find that a white background can fit to this fountain. An the penny is a idea i like. They give so much credibility to you scene.
see ya

Love those curves. Looks very authentic. I sort of copped out on mine, because I was too concerned about the water looking right. No doubt you will get a few votes for it, even without the water or environment.

Is there water in the lower basin? Because I can’t see the surface of it.

I can’t see the water either but i can see what look like cuastic effect on the bowl. :wink:


That is a shockingly realistic scene, so i’d like to see it finished even though the contest is over! I was wondering, is the caustic effect done with a textured spot or is it a texture on the fountain itself?


the caustic on under the water is a texture of the material. The caustic above the water (you can’t realy see it - it supposed to be reflected from the bottom of the basin) is the same thexture only in a sun lamp.