WC #88: Aaaaarg!

Sheeesh this took a beasty 6 hours to render! Thats a personal record. By the way, dont try to play Halo while rendering :o . Anyway, this was my first wc. It was super fun to create.


c&c welcome

Love the attention to detail. Good work.

Very nice image. Very shiny. How can you risk playing anything during rendering. I mean, OK, I am using linux and so, no prob. But with windows… :slight_smile:

The treasure seems to be a little too uniform but small issue for a good image

Wow, it looks great. Hmm is treasure really shiny like that? I guess the extra dazzle makes it look cooler. Great work.

Yipee, I’ve found treasure!!!

Jason Lin

Hmm is treasure really shiny like that?

Aye matey, that be special pirate treasure.

envmaps exist for a reason - you could cut that rendertime to 10%

Whoa ya, envmaps. I remember those. I’ve gotta keep that in mind next time I have such a shiny intensive render.

aaargh!! tis the holly grail treasure shining upon us