WC #93:Ridiculous Medical Procedures:Pickled Brains:UPDATE:

Yeah I know I wrote it without a ‘c’.

Nice. love the realism of it.

i love it but picled brains or more squigy so maybe you should flaten the brain a bit.

excelent tho :slight_smile:

we used to have pickled everything in the cubourds at my old school very weird stuff like a rabit with all its intestines showing.

hah, nice.

the lids need some work, they’re not too realistic.

any reason for selling it pikled?

i’'d much rather see a big version of the thumbnail too, it has far better composition…

Very impressive image!!! The only thing that I would change is that I would vary the level of the liquid in the jars slightly, with them all being the same they look like duplicates. Contrary to what others have written I like the caps of the jars as they are.

Excellent work! I love those labels.


Damn good. You got my vote


love that brain shader dude!!

Very nice! Love the brain texture.

heh, nice image. gooduse of light and colors! the green is very good.

but the composition could use a little tighten up…
actually, the thumbnail now is better than the big picture.
I quickly loaded your picture in gimp, and cropped it so, that that everything after the second jar (on the right) is cut off. makes the image hold together better…
but, I also understand if you want to show that there are just MANY bottles… don’t know. it’s a matter of taste I guess.


UPDATED. Link in the first post.