WC 96 - Dreams

Well I’m entering the WC. There will be “dreams” coming down from the sky and entering windows. Not very far yet. I decided to go for B/W cause colour is too much work.

Just fishing for some CC.


The streetlights are an unfamiliar shape, keeping me from identifying them immediately. Perhaps if a slight curve beneath them (the glass) emitted light, it would be clearer.

I like the idea of what you’re trying to do, but a different selection of elements (like the details at the top of the lower building) might be in order. I like what you did with the electrical cabling.

I’m not quite sure about this POV, and of this business of having one bedroom so close-to-camera with its side completely off. When the “dreams” are inserted, it might be possible to re-evaluate the camera’s point-of-view. Pasting a nighttime sky-shot, perhaps with a moon, on the backdrop might be a nice try.

But I like very much the idea of B&W. To me it’s not a cop-out. Nighttime really is a black-and-white world, and if the dream elements are colorful it will really make a striking picture.

i would like to see the purpose of it before some c&c.

“what dreams may come”, eh?

Sundial - Great idea. Hadn’t thought of the Coloured dreams yet. I just finished the Cloud/Moon combination you speak of I already had that planned. I’ll looking into the lighting.

Nathan - I have a sketch sitting next to me but I lack a scanner. You should be able to get the idea soon enough though.


http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wewa_juicyburger/images/Dream1.05.jpg [copy/paste] it’s the same image as the above, just incase it really doesn’t work. [/edit]

I’m not quite satisfied with the moon&clouds yet so they may still change.

I’m working on the dreams now.

I think you may have just run out of bandwidth. I’m just seeing little red Xs.

After a lot of fiddleing I think i am finally on to something.


CC? I’m still working on the background.


i really think you should make the “dreams” thingy a little more transparent.

otherwise, i can see that it is going well.

it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.




I’m getting there. i hope this clarifies the image a little.