WC#98 - Doomsday



What’cha think?

Cool. I like it. It’s a little hard to figure out without checking the large render though. Maybe focusing in on the explosion a bit more, or making it a bit bigger, would bring it more into the forefront of the scene.

Nice work!!!


I think you got a nice idea going on!

What if there were multiple explosions around the planet…russia, usa, china, france, england, all getting bombed during a nuclear war…that would be nice.

Because, 1 single bomb exploding will never happen in this world…it will always be accompagned with multiple other missiles from other country…

I agree, and I did think about this.

Don’t forget though that a explosion like that would be over within a few minutes MAX (and that is probably streaching it to far). Odds of multiple explosions within such a short period of time are fairly low.

I may play around with it though, and see if I can come up with something cool. I considered adding a few space craft of some sort giving the illusion of being even further in the future. I think in a sceene like that multiple explosions would work real well.

Maybe I’ll decide to change it before Monday. Time will tell… :wink:

Thanks for the crits, and compliments.