WC, another aliens-ate-my-spaceprobe pic

I haven’t entered a WC before but as far as I know, it’s okay to crosspost in the artwork forum, isn’t it ?

The rover’s solar panels looks like the foundation’s logo :smiley:
nice juob over all - myst is to pink and the aliens, well they are, well… green! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Sweet pic! I love the rocks; how’d you make them look so, well, rocky?

Nice modelling of the probe, although the aliens subtract from any realism you were originally aiming for (if you were aiming for realism).

@ner : Dang ! If I’d remembered that logo, I’d have made all the little panels hexagonal ! :stuck_out_tongue: Pink mist…err…it’s…because…there’s just been a dust storm. Not to avoid landscape modelling at all, no, certainly not…
Prismatic : Thanks ! Rocks are easy : add icosophere subdiv 1, subdivide fractal (high value), smooth a few times, add tterrain bumpmap.
Wiggie : The aliens are silly. Very silly. In fact, I dare anyone to make a sillier alien ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry mate but… that’s beyond silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaah, but that’s where you’re wrong ! Taking it beyond silly would be animating the aliens bouncing around it ! :stuck_out_tongue: