WC - Bubbles

Well after a strange dream I came up with this for “The Impossible” kinda wierd but anyways, C & C most welcome, I need some advice on where to take the scene. All blender, AO 10 samples 2 hrs to render.




Looking great, great grass (used a script ? which one?) , the cube in the middle needs a bit more work, too much noise and the round texture doesn’t agree with it (lookes like it should spread onward into the other facets of the cube),

You have interesting dreams man…

it’s realy bice - reality check - bubles don’t refract so much!

now i might be missing something but that is awsome!!! I love the bubbles! Especially that little ripple on the cube! No one mentioned this so i thought i would - is that water under the grass? it gives the grass a marshy feel and makes this project awsome!

WOW! Beautiful! Cool material on the bubbles. Keep going! :smiley:

thanks shul, i used RipStings fibre script and textured with an image of my front lawn…im not sure what else to do with the cube…any suggestions there?

and yeh it was a pretty twisted dream… :wink:

yer i know but it was the best i could get it and it looks passable…the IOR is already really low

thanks for the encouragement dude, yeh there is sposed to be water under the grass…it didnt turn out quite as predominant as i thought it would but yeh its there

Tha bubbles in the background look more like glass balls than bubbles. Nice Square bubble :slight_smile: Any more shaped bubbles would be cool

Heh. I like. Do the bubbles have any thickness? Keep at it. The grass looks kinda paper. Might want to work on that. And, as I usually say, get a better camera angle and composition.

thanks everyone for the advice…here is the scene considerably more worked on…only a test render though so no AO.



That’s beautiful dude. First render looks a bit better just because it has AO. But the scene looks fantastic. No crits here.

ao makes everything better so i can’t wait to see the finished product! Nice work! the water is better this time!