WC Entry BlackLight

Here is what I did


wow… uhm… How??

Probably from playing with the emit value and making sure there was a little blue in the materials.

This is good, Ive only just got the oxymoronic joke, me slow :expressionless:

Acctually I just used a blue lamp and assigned it to one layer, then moved everything to that layer that would be illuminated by the blacklight.


Seems to me that the glass shouldn’t be quite so illuminated… myabe it’s a perspective thing…

Oh, and there aren’t any speakers for the comp :stuck_out_tongue: .

Good pic though, other than those two things. :smiley:

Yea, I put that wall in and forgot to move the glass. umm speakers? what are those :wink:

I don’t see a numpad on the keyboard or any sort of receiver for the cordless mouse. I don’t understand how the picture is actually self-contradictory either, but you still did a good job with it. Overall I like it, even though some might call it plain.