WC Entry - Never Made it in Time

(BgDM) #1

Well, I found out about this weeks WC this morning, after a busy and terrible weekend. So I started this in hopes to make it, but I didn’t. Though I will keep on going on this. Let me know what you think.


Comments so far are appreciated.


(blengine) #2

very cool, its looking like a shotgun so far though =)

(S68) #3

Cool, I discovered of the WC late Monday and managed to post a stupid thing pretty late…

I’m glad you couldn’t enter… I’ve some more chanches to win now :slight_smile:


(Bapsis) #4

Looks great so far mate!!! Sorry to hear about your bummer weekend, but i know once you got working in Blender you were feeling a whole lot better, i know that works for me!!! :wink:
And too bad about missing the WC competition, but i think just doing the work and gaining the experience and knowledge is by far the best reward!!! :wink:
Keep us updated on this…this…whatever this is, could you tell us a little more about it? :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #5

HAHA! I never even thought of that until you said it. LMAO! It does look like a shot gun.

Well, there is always next time for you to get crushed by my superior skills! :o

Well, since the WC was to build a Blender starship, this was the start. What you see here is the underside where I will add a lot more detail, (i.e. guns, radar stations, etc.). The top half will get some smaller details, like windows and such, but that will be about it.