WC Entry - When Hell Freezes Over

When hell freezes over, it’s finally cold enough for these guys to have a beer! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it doesn’t really look all that cold, or frozen over, but it’s all I had time to come up with.

This guy is fully rigged BTW, so you may see some animation tests coming up in the near future. I have never really sat down and tried to do a serious attemt at animation, so why not, eh?


Awesome render as usual BgDM. I can’t help but think some teeth would be cool though.

I thought about that, but I never got the time to add them in and I am now at work, so it won’t happen any time soon. I may add them yet though.


hehheh… I like the way you handled that topic. great idea.
but lighting in that needs some work, it’s a bit flat, also, where are shadows?

oh, and why he has a club stucked up on his rear end?
isn’t that painful?


Yeah, the lighting is a little flat. I used a fake GI dome and also a Hemi for SPEC only. I maybe should have added another spot light to create a direct shadow.

LMAO! No, that’s not a clu. It’s his devil tail. You can see it in the rig image here:


As I said, he is fully rigged with IK in the tail and both arms. Haven’t done enything to the legs yet for IK, but it won’t be hard.


I love this char, very good cartoon look to him, also glad that you’ve rigged him, you should for sure make an animation!!! :wink:
But with all that snow and cold beer i feel he is missing a Santa hat, but thats just me personally… :wink:

Good stuff mate, keep on Blending!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

That’s funny. Great character.