WC Entry WIP

Im bored, im taking a break on this to play more tradewars. With luck ill get it finished.

The ONLY thing that can be equated to “objects in disguise” to us children of the mid-80s: OPTIMUS PRIME!



Baaaaaaadd assssss

Thats so clever! This is exactly the kind of crap I wanted people to think up! More than meets the eye!!!

I put on some materials:


WOW, pimp shit

Great start… but, uh… he’s gonna have a face, right?

Haha yes. Im going to do it tommorow when im more awake.

I saved it for last because its going to be hard.

That looks great so far Enos. Do you have some ideas for
the enviroment? I will definitly look for updates.

keep it up


Looks great. But it looks to me like the head is floating in mid air…

You’re going to animate him transforming, right?


Look at me… some one posts a model of a childhood hero of mine and run off making crazy fan-boy requests.


Great model. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Not bad. It just reminded me of some of my childhood toys. Damn I miss playing with those transformers. Almost as fun as LEGO.

Those were the days :frowning: