WC facts 1 - The inspiration is never so far ...

Hi all,

That has probably been done yet, but I had some fun with the “Penseur”.

Modelled with Blender
Penseur created with Daz Studio and remodelled with Blender
Rendered with Yafray

Hope you like


lol wow, thats a very nise piace

but i think that the spasing beetween the tiles should be a bit more, and they should stand out a little as well

restroms also dont have the tiles going all the way up to the cealing

and why is there no toilet paper? lol

Hahaha, I like this image. Gave me a laugh. If you don’t mind me asking, what were your antialiasing settings set to for this render, because they look pretty good.

Needs a little more shadows and a little less spec, other that that… Very good! And funny :smiley:

No toilet paper makes it funny that is a great peice.

Poor guy got hit by a medusa. :frowning:

Looks very nice! Love the textures!

hahah! now tell me honestly, did you come up with this yourself?:slight_smile:

hahahahaha… very humorous!! funny! and well done!
great job!..

Thanks to all,

@MartyJ : I used the lowest value for the AA (5) and default settings in the Yafray tab, I first tried with these values and was surprisingly satisfied with the result.

@Yoeri : mmm, to be honnest, yes, it happent once, several years ago and fortunately I had some klinex in my pocket and since this time, the first thing I do when I enter into a toilet is checking if there is paper :rolleyes:

@Kothe : Thanks, I reduced the spec a litle bit.


Well, that’s an um… interesting topic to choose. It looks very good, but the rubbish bin looks a bit odd. But other then that, I think it’s really cool!

Rodin would have been so proud.

Nice to see you using some humor in your works. Keep it up!

All the textures give it a bit of a monotone look, but still a great render nontheless.

4 ****

:smiley: it reminds me of a pix of mine I did many many years ago when I started blending:

Anyway, obviously, I had not a clue as to how to model the statue, so I went the easy way. Congratulation on your model of the thinker.



Spiffy gives this a 8/10 sw00t rating! I like the humor in this piece!

Haha! Thats a laff! I would work on the materials a bit, to make it even cooler. The statue specularity is bit high…

like vitaliy said, the tiles go up some extent, then stop and have wallpaper or paint after it. it doesn’t have a flusher, or is it an automatic? I like how you thought of this piece. :smiley:

great job! 4****

Just for the record, around here we have ‘all tiled’ restrooms lol

They say that greatest ideas of greatest thinkers came when they were sitting on a toilet like this guy! Gives you time to consider things you don’t normaly think when working on something! I bet you got your idea for this peace on the same place…:D:D:D
To me he looks like he is worried about not having paper to finish what he started :slight_smile:
Great job!