WC - Helmet

I would just like to know what you think of my Weekend Challenge entry now that voting has begun.


Say whatever you want.

The knife thing detracts from the image. Either model it better or remove it, I liked it much better before. Nice entry, though. Keep it up.

Hello Assail. :smiley:

Nice pic, add it your site.

I like the textures too.

The only thing I would improve is to make the skull of the head less big.

It looks overweighted, and the eyes are too low.

But I don’t know what the competition was, so maybe its correct :wink:

Nice pic overall. 8)

nice model (helmet - cause knife stinks like angolair said) but the image is too dark! and before when the image was bright you could see mistakes and that it was merely sitting in a bumped cube! lame if you ask me! still nice helmet but needs:

  1. better scene
  2. better lighting
  3. better reflective things (things seen in the reflections)

keep it up! :wink:

Nice, make the metal more reflective and do some heavy subsurf on the ground and click disp. That way the floor will look really believable.

Ironic that I disagree with pretty much all that’s been said.

To me, it looks almost warhammerish, and their entire armour is pretty heavy duty, so the thickness and bulkiness of the helmet look totally logical.

I agree that the knife could use some work, it’s a little simple, and I can see some edges on the round handle, unless that’s intentionally faceted.

I personally love the scene, the lighting is perfect, and sure, it IS a bit dark, but if every image created had the same brightness, it would look like we have no artistic creativity, lighting-wise. The current setup showcases the helmet, contrasting it from the background nicely and lets the shadows give more detail and realism to it.

better reflective things (things seen in the reflections)

Not everything that’s reflective is going to be a mirror. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say it’s the right reflectivity, as it denotes that it’s a smooth metallic material, while retaining that almost grungy look of the texture on the top of the helmet.

I say, overall, very nice peice. :slight_smile:

spacemarrine… damn it y didnt i think of that…

u need to make the helmet taller as below:

looks good m8

Thanx for the crits everyone, I found your suggestions quite useful and I’ll remember to make sub-models (like the knife) more detailed next time.

Prince, I honestly think that your crits weren’t very useful, I don’t mind you saying what you think, but all you said is that it needs to be better. That doesn’t help me very much.

btw, Hi redbyte.

FrostByte, I couldn’t agree more, thx.

then you too can’t take crits - i said your model looked good, your scene looked bad, your lighting was alright. how is that not helpful! just cause i didn’t say use three pointlighting and heres are the million different tests i ran to get lighting perfect for your scene doesn’t meen i wasn’t helpful! i told you what needs to be improved just not how to improve it! you have critiqued my work with enough where to and how to that i figure you should know by now where to go and find things! enough said… %|

I love the lighting myself. It seems to have the perfect dark atmosphere that goes hand in hand with an ominous object like this helmet.

The helmet itself really impresses me. But there’s something I don’t really understand. The top of the helmet looks like it’s corroded metal or something. Is that what it’s supposed to be? If so - there is something vaguely leathery about parts of it. Regardless of that I really like the texturing.

Additionally, there is a really stark contrast between the top of the helmet with it’s aged look and the very clean, liquid smooth texturing of the face. Is there a reason it looks like this?

I’m left being impressed, but at the same time - wondering why - if that makes any sense.


Additionally, there is a really stark contrast between the top of the helmet with it’s aged look and the very clean, liquid smooth texturing of the face. Is there a reason it looks like this?

There is a reason; I didn’t have a better texture for the top of the helmet. :expressionless: The only reason I used a texture at all was because without one it looked boring and unfinished.