WC Insect WIP (update)

This weeks WC seems to get interesting. So, here is my hopefully on time, if ever, finished WIP.
I know the legs are missing :wink:


:o Now i see, that’s what killed my little bro’s hamster… right? :slight_smile:

I like it… the claws/jaws/whatever look very very dangerous…
The hair details are good, but what about the rest of the body… it looks quite… funky… if you let me say… weird texturing you’ve got back there… or maybe it’s just the fact that I need some sleep…

Good luck in the contest… %|

he looks mean, scary, I like it

Thanks for the replies. :smiley:

The body texture is a bit … whatever, because it’s a WIP. I’m aware that it looks a bit strange. If I try a serious texturing on it I may need some help. But first I go for the legs.

Sorry, That was your ant…? (oh no, what have I did)
I think I have your legs.

Cool work, I hope you finish it.

otro comentario fede de mierdz mandame un pmpa poder respodner directamente

No problem, just found some others. :smiley:

Habe zwar kein Wort verstanden, aber ich nehme an es war nett gemeint.
Danke. :wink:

DUDE! Where are his legs? I wanna see em! The clock’s ticking… tic… tac… tic… tac…
just kiddin… :smiley:

BTW:varg, stop posting stupid messages that have nothing to do with the post, OK?..


they head is very very well done…but the body look…well not as good as the head. I know it’s not finish but you should add those “hair” (sory don,t know in english…) on the body. Also the texture on the body look weird, try to fix that.

Bt for now, you got a pretty good model! Keep it up!

Thanks a lot for the comments.
Here’s an update.
Still some parts missing. This hair thing is quite hairy %| (I want to make this entry pure, no scripts, no images, no PS textures; just blender)
I’m not realy satisfied with the textures :-?
Oh my god, I’m running out of time. :o :-? :o

(BTW, if the pic is too dark (please tell me) this is because of alltaken’s color adjustment topic. I tryed to increase the brightness of my monitor to see at least one of the circles … no chance.)

brighter now.


WAAAAAAAAY too dark!

This is a very nice model, and well done for not resorting to a script for the hairs.

If you have Photoshop, run the Auto Contrast feature to help with the darkness levels, then Save for Web. This will give you a much lighter final image.(The same features might be in the Gimp but I’m unsure.)

Looking good though in the dark.


the first bodie parts looked like hazel nuts (writen ok?) and the mouth claws looked like metalic, the last one is cool!, but true waaaaydark

Again thanks a lot for the replies.
The final version you’ll find in WC. (sounds ugly)

Here’s the reference electron microscope image. :wink:


perhaps too dark %|

it looks 100 time better in the electron microscope image, and again it’s quite dark

I agree somehow, but it’s a lot easier to make an eye catcher pic with some “special effects” than to try to make a good one without effects.

Texturing the electron ant took me a few minutes, the other 100 times longer. %|

heh, that looks really good to me. The electron microscope one is interesting but imo not as good :frowning:
The brightness of the image seems to be perfect for me, hell if anything its too bright ;). Isnt it so nice when the moniter is adjusted correctl =D