WC - Military Entry

This is my WC entry for this week. No textures, as I did not get time to do them, but this will re-surface on another project, fully textured.


C&C appreciated.


[edit]Linked image is now a bit brighter.[/edit]

wow i would like to see it brighter to get a better look at it.

dewd very nice :smiley:

Any radiosity used?

i think he used a fake gi setting… as he always does :stuck_out_tongue:
it would look better with a less complicated light setting, a simple 3 point setup would be enough i think [blue light in the back ;)].


cool, but where’s the trigger?

See @ndy’s reply for the answer. :wink:

Indeed, indeed. I find it quicker and easier than playing with radiosity settings.

lol, you and that blue light. There is a blue HEMI used in this for diffuse only. So it is there.

The hand grip is pressure sensitive. Just squeeze your hand around the grip and KABLAMOOO!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments guys.