WC Perpetuum Mobile: my entry* update

So far I have a collection of loose parts. Just a couple more, and I will start assembling them.

can’t wait… looks interesting… kinda like a watch I took apart once hehe

o0o0o, mee 2!

can’t wait to see it put together! nice job on modelling that hand. What’s the machine going to do?

its a tri- molucular cat convertation badger device, with an extra japan4 to improve the skeletor, with a &*&$#@! to Cecil the B. Demented… duh!


Blenergetic writes:

nice job on modelling that hand.

with just a little help from ‘makehuman’ plugin, (located in python and plugins) you too can make such hands. :wink:
other plugins I have already used oin this project include: Lsystem for the stick,…AND,…the all new and improved Tesselate script. [!]

ok here’s an update,…what d’ y’ think?..! (?) hmmmmm?

You aren’t related to Jean Tingueli are you? :wink:

well, it´s a lot of parts put together.
What´s perpetuum about it?

hmmm… interesting, *wonders wut it does

Its sole function is to move unceasingly. According to physics, this is not possible, given our current technology, thus the somewhat impossible appearance of my creation. I tried to make it quite frictionless as you can see, so hopefully, once somebody gives it a little push, it keeps going. I also tried to achieve a look somewhere between a gyroscope, a planetarium, and something out of a Salvador Dali painting. Beyond all that, it is a simple spatial composition, playing off balance, and suggested kinetic force.