WC Primitives

my take on the WC… [!]


The top of the screen is supposed to be a bit wierd btw - not sure if I got the exact effect I was looking for. Trying to capture a bygone day.

lol!!! love it simply perfect!! :stuck_out_tongue:

GCat: YES! Awesome! This is an awesome idea!



thanks v much guys. Glad you like it.

Well it certainly is primitive.

Love it! (i take it that was all modeled in a 2dish perpective? Or was it PS?)

not alot of work here - great idea but you should have atleast modeled bits (make spheres and use ortho) to show the screen cause as is it looks like a texture applied to a simple tubed model! very cheap looking - even if you did model the inside of th screen! %|


Thanks Fonix Wircs, everything except the screen are flat planes and it is 100% pure and undiluted Blender! Glad you like it.

Here’s some screen shots!


Prince - I did think about making a suitable screen as well but couldn’t work out which one it should be… ?? In the end, I decided to keep it primitive.